Please keep in mind that my fee varies depending on location.

My fee includes: composing  and preparing your ceremony script, travel, performing the ceremony, and signing the marriage license. At times I can be flexible on my fee, in certain circumstances I understand money is a huge issue for couples just starting out. Unlike others I do work with my couples and often will give a lower rate to help them out.

Upon request I can provide a microphone and speaker for your ceremony, as well as provide music for the ceremony at no additional cost to you. This is my gift and effort to help make your day special and less stressful. tips are always appreciated but not necessary.

My couples also receive a keepsake marriage certificate at no cost.

Victorville, Hesperia,  Adelanto, Oak Hills, Apple Valley - $180-$300.00

All other areas please contact 

I now offer my couples video keepsake of their ceremony both on high resolution digital standard format and also for the first time I am happy to offer a 360 degree video capturing your special day in high definition full 360 degree viewing.

360Degree Video - $75.00

Standard 1080p HD video - $50.00

Please have all props, decorations, and marriage license ready the day of as I do not provide any of these.


Creative Ways to Cut Wedding Costs

In today's economic climate, more and more couples are looking for creative ways to have elegant weddings without spending a huge sum of money.

There are many creative ways to cut down on the cost of having a wedding while still maintaining its elegance. Eliciting support from your family, friends and community members is one of the primary ways to cut down on your wedding costs. Taking care of various aspects of planning and organizing your wedding yourself will also help to lower your overall costs.

In an attempt to reduce costs, many couples are creating their own wedding invitations. Couples are also designing their own floral centerpieces for the reception tables. In addition, brides are looking at wedding venues that have beautiful vistas and settings and do not require any additional decorating to make a wonderful setting for their wedding.

 Another way couples have to scale down costs is to choose wedding flowers that are local and in season, rather than importing them.

A bride can price the cost of various sizes of bouquets, both for herself and her bridesmaids. A small change in the size of the wedding bouquets may make a substantial, financial difference overall. It may also be possible to register at a floral shop and ask some of your guests to consider giving you a floral gift for your wedding.

Finally, one of the biggest trends in lowering wedding costs is choosing a non-traditional time for the event. For instance, Saturdays are popular days to hold weddings. You may be able to choose to hold your wedding on a Friday evening or even a Sunday afternoon, if your out-of-town guests are able to attend on these alternative days.

You may also be able to cut down on the cost of a reception hall, if you book the hall during the afternoon instead of the evening. Another alternative is to hold the reception at a beautiful public park and ask your guests to bring sumptuous dishes to share.